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When visiting our church, please fill out a Friendship & Communication card that is located in back of each pew; place it in the offering plate or hand it to an Usher.
Also, for those worshiping with us for the first time... we have a gift for you. Please stop @ the Welcome Center in the Narthex by the Main Entrance to pick it up.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monthly Planner - November 2914

1 - Turn Clocks Back 1 Hour
2 - S.S. @ 9am - Worship @ 10am - Jr. Youth & Sr. Youth @ 6pm - Young Adult Bible Study @ 7pm - Ladies Bible Study @ Lerch's @ 8pm
3 - Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm - Ladies & Men's Bible Study @ Joe's Gym @ 7pm
4 - Election Day
5 - Highland Oaks Ministry - Ladies Bible Study @ 7pm @ the Jordan's
6 - Ladies Bible Study @ the Parsonage @ 7pm
7 - Play Group w/Family @ 5:30pm
8 - Homebuilders Class @ 6pm @ the Lerch's - watching video Irreplaceable
9 - S.S. @ 9am - Worship @ 10am - Jr. Youth & Sr. Youth @ 6pm - Young Adult Bible Study @ 7pm - Ladies Bible Study @ Lerch's @ 8pm
10 - Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm - Ladies & Men's Bible Study @ Joe's Gym @ 7pm
11 - Gideons @ 6:30pm - Business Dept. Mtg. @ 7pm
12 - Ladies Bible Study @ 7pm @ the Jordan's
13 - C.E. Mtg. @ 6pm - Growth Dept. Mtg. @ 7pm - Bible Study @ 7pm
14 -
15 - McClaine's packing shoeboxes in Fellowship Hall
16 - SS @ 9am - Worship @ 10am - Thanksgiving Dinner @ Limestone Fire Hall immediatley after Worship - Young Adult Bible Study @ 7pm - Ladies Bible Study @ Lerch's @ 8pm
17 - Shoebox Collection 10 - 2pm -  Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm - Ladies & Men's Bible Study @ Joe's Gym @ 7pm
18 - Shoebox Collection 10 - 2pm & 6 - 8pm - Council Mtg. @ 7pm
19 - Shoebox Collection 10 - 2pm - Ladies Bible Study @ 7pm @ the Jordan's
20 - Shoebox Collection 10 - 2pm & 6 - 8pm - Ladies Bible Study @ the Parsonage @ 7pm
21 - Shoebox Collection 10 - 2pm - Parent's Night Out from 6 -10pm ---- THIRST Convention
22 - Shoebox Collection 10 - Noon - THIRST Convention
23 - Shoebox Collection 1 - 3pm - THIRST Convention ends - S.S. @ 9am - Worship @ 10am - Young Adult Bible Study @ 7pm
24 - Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm - Ladies & Men's Bible Study @ Joe's Gym @ 7pm
25 - Play Group @ 10am
26 - Food for Friends Thanksgiving Meal @ 4:30pm (Presby Church)
27 - Office Closed - Happy Thanksgiving
28 - Office CLosed
29 - 
30 -Advent Begins - Jr. & Sr. Youth @ 6pm 

December 5 & 6 - Live Nativity from 6-8pm
December 15 - Women's Night Out Christmas Party @ 6pm

Prayer Concerns - November 2014

Most Recent Concerns

11/22 - Michele - just diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer
11/21 - Brian C. Burford - had emergency appendectomy this morning - is doing well
11/13 - Clarence Evans - surgery for his broken hip tomorrow (Friday)
11/13 - Auturo (Director of the MGM ministry in the Dominican) - diagnosed with a tumor on his spine - please be praying for he & his family - he and his wife have twin boys about two years old
11/12 - Janet Young Hetrick - she is not feeling well and is very weak
11/12 - Cindy Criley ((Sharon Frederick's sister) - went through her first day of Chemo yesterday and she did well - this is a praise
11/11 - Clarence Evans - fell this afternoon; he is in the ER in Clarion... probably a broken hip - please be praying for he & Shirley as they both are not doing well physically
11/7 - Debbie Jordan - having a heart cath today
11/7 - Lacy Magagnotti - young mother with cancer - please be praying for her and her family
11/7 - Jonatha's granddaughter (Joann) is out of the hospital
11/6 - Cindy Criley (Sharon Frederick's sister) - going tomorrow to have a port put in - her Chemo starts next Tuesday 
11/6 - Joann (Jonatha Och's granddaughter) went to Kittanning Hospital with chest pains and had an EKG - it showed abnormalities - she is only 26 & has three small children  
10/29 - Cindy Criley - has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma & is starting Chemo next week
10/29 - Karson Ochs (Janet Norris's granddaughter) - had surgery -  it went well, but post op found fluid on her lungs - she is now on oxygen - continue to pray for this little one & her Mom and Dad
10/28 - Haley Masnica (22 months old) - taken to Childrens Hospital for breathing difficulties - please remember her parents also

Prayer Concerns
Burden for the Lost - Our Government & Leaders (local, state, national) -  Donna Oberlander (State Rep) - President of the U.S. - Spiritual Growth for our church family  - The Unsaved - Our Community - Other Churches in our Community - Our Military - Our College Students - Unspoken - Construction workers & Delta Contractors @ Trinity Point - Building the Trinity Point Facility

Terry Aites (kidney transplant recovery 9/18) - Phyllis Traister - DuWayne & Thelma Miller - Evan Miller (MS) -  Dave & Debbie Jordan - Clarence & Shirley Evans - Art & Lanette Thompson - Jennifer & Les Stephens - Jessica Henry (MS & Chemo treatments) - Don Barger - Pat Radaker - Nancy Yates - Mike Roach (cancer Pastor & Judy's brother-in-law)  - Vonnie Tiley - Jean Johns - Tom Buzard (cancer/Park Hill Congregation) - Karson Ochs - Sally Barger - Brad Harriger - Cindy Criley - Ann Bailey - Susan Harle - Selah (3 yr. old w/Malaria - Donnie Graham (Lymes Disease) - Deb Ochs (liver issues) - Jud Graham - Jennifer & Les Stephens - Bill Copenhaver - Lacy Magagnotti (cancer) - Janet Hetrick - JoAnn Mansfield (Jonatha's grandaughter) - Arianna Evans - Michele (multiple myeloma)

Missions and Outreach
Whitehall Camp & Conference Center  - AAA Life Services - WPA Ministries of the COG - COG Ministries Anderson, IND - Food For Friends - Koinonia (CUP campus) - Alyssa Cooper Sande (Africa) - Jessica Wilson (Dominican Republic) - Clarion Ministerium - Rebecca New-Edson (WPA COG Ministries Dir.) - Rev. Jim Lyon (Gen. Director Elect) - Leonel (Dominican) Village 51 (Dominican) - Persecuted Christians 

Nursing/Personal Care Home/Rehab Patients
Edna Burford - Golden Living Shippenville
Pearl Manross - Golden Living Shippenville
Mary McGonagel - Golden Living Shippenville
Loretta Wedekind - Golden Living Clarion
Sue Foust - Laurel Brook Brookville
Alice Ferguson - Laurel Brook Brookville

Ministries & Leaders of Our Congregation
Children & Youth Ministries - Our Boards & Committees - Sunday School - Sunday Worship Services - Pastor Bruce & Family - Pastor Angela Mitchell & Family Church Staff - Women's Ministries - Young Adult Minisitries

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bulletin Announcements - November 2014

If you are new to Liberty Street C.O. G. (in your mailbox is a blue sheet with needed family information). Please place these in the secretary's mailbox.  The church mailboxes are located in the Narthex & arranged alphabetically.  Please check your mailboxes for information we may have placed in there.  If you are unsure if you have a mailbox, or you do not have a mailbox & want one, call Tammy @ 814 - 226 - 8672. You are important to us & we need to keep you updated on all activities!

For all that have a computer... go to the Church Blog for your October Newsletter. You can find us @  Subscribe to the church blog, & all posts/updates will be delivered right to your email address Inbox.
Also, we have Sunday School classes for all ages.  Nursery , Preschool, K-2nd, 3rd - 5th, Jr. Youth, Sr. Youth & 3 Adult classes... check us out today!

How to go Online to see the Church Directory....
To see the Church Directory online we have to go thru the blog b/c the directory is a PDF file.  First go to &   then scroll down until you see the link to the Church Directory.  You will need to call the Church Office @ 226-8672 to get the password.  This is due to your privacy.  You may also load an APP for your smartphone.  In the APP's, search for instantchurchdirectory & follow the instructions to download.  If you wish to have a printed hard copy, contact Tammy in the Church Office.  This is an ongoing process as we add new families weekly.  Please let us know of any updates or corrections.

We are offering a "Live Worship Telecast" in the Fellowship Hall to help accommodate the seating needs of our growing church!  Praise the Lord!  Anyone is welcome to check it out & share in this new Worship extension.   With video recording of the service in this way, we will also be able to improve our outreach to our shut-ins by giving them our worship on DVD. Finally, if you are absent from church on Sunday & would like a copy of any of our Sunday morning sermons, please call the church office. We would be happy to send you one. 

WWCH Channel 1300 on AM Broadcasting @ 11AM every Sunday...  The first Sunday of every month a pre-recorded service from Liberty Street Church of God with Pastor Bruce will be heard.  If you are unable to attend church on any Sunday morning, tune in to AM 1300.

WEATHER CANCELLATION - if we have bad weather or if it is calling for bad weather, please go to radio station WCCR 1300 AM for church cancellations.  We will also put out cancellations by email.

Group Activities:
Jr. Youth Group (4- 6th grade)... Sunday nights @ 6PM
Youth Group (7-12th grade)... Sunday night @ 6PM
Men’s Group - every Monday night @ Joe's Gym (ended April/restarts in the Fall)
Ladies Nite Out - 4th Tuesday of the month from 6-8PM
Parent's Night Out - 3rd Friday of the month from 6 - 10PM (ends in May/restarts Fall)

Fellowship Opportunities  & September Special Events 
Be sure to check your email & the Church Blog!!

Sunday School Teachers 2014 - 2015:
Age 0 - 3yrs. - Nursery... Maxine Harriger, Janet NOrris, Diane Conner
Age 4 - K  - PreSchool... Haley Jeannerat & Kaylee Ferguson
Grade 1 - 2 - Primary... Dawn Christie & Cindy Emery
Grades 3 - 4 - Middler... Bridget Thornton & Becky Johnson
Grades 5 - 6 Junior... Karen Hazlett & Tammy Lerch
Grades 7 - 12 Youth... Sam & Karla WIlson & Judy Wilson
Adult Sunday School Classes -  
Adult 1 - Prayer Room - Beth Henry & Dale Buchwitz
Adult 2 - Education Wing - Joe Ferguson & Jacqueline Marrone
Adult 3 - Kitchen Area - Mike Bailey & Dale Buchwitz
Homebuilders - Matt & Jenny Bates & Brian & Kelly Burford
New Sunday School Class...  Post High School, College, & Young Adults will meet @ 9AM @ the Parsonage.  Jess Wilson & Sam Wilson will be leading.  
Also a new Bible Study for this age group will begin Sunday night 9/14 @ 7PM.  Bring a friend!

FYI: Sunday School bells ring @ the following times... 
1st bell @ 8:55am & then again @ 9:00am - Sunday School begins @ 9:00am
2nd bell @ 9:45am & then again @ 9:50am - Worship begins @ 10:00am

General Announcements:
November 1 (Saturday 9am - 4pm) - KNOX LADIES SEMINAR - registration forms are on the Welcome Center Table
9:00 am -4:00 pm - Becoming Spiritually Beautiful In Christ w/Sharon Jaynes  & Sherri Danae
To register go to:
Early registration before Sept. 9th    $30
Regualar registration 9/9– 10/16      $35

Late registration after 10/16               $40

November 16 - Annual All Church Thanksgiving Celebration Dinner @ Limestone Fire Hall following Worship.  RSVP to the Church Office 226-8672 by November 5th (if you didn't fill out the green card).

November 16 - Solemn Assembly @ 6pm @ the Brookville Church of God

November 17 - 22... Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child -- collecting shoeboxes. Start filling shoeboxes early!  We are once again a distribution center; Collection dates as follows:
11/17 - 10am - 2pm
11/18 - 10am - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm
11/19 - 10am - 2pm
11/20 - 10am - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm
11/21 - 10am - 2pm
11/22 - 10am - Noon
11/23 - 1pm - 3pm

November 21 - 23....WE ARE ERIE BOUND… State Youth Convention “Thirst”
Our Youth will be attending the convention. 

Novemebr 21 from 6 - 10pm... Parents Night Out -- Sign up sheet in the Welcome Center

The Fruit of the Spirit Food Pantry...
It takes a village:  We can have a mission service right here in our own community!  Help! To make the Fruit of the Spirit Food Pantry happen the following needs to happen...

Collection of the following items:
Cannned meats-tuna, chicken, salmon, stew, chili, etc.
Canned soups, ravioli, spaghetti
Canned fruits, and vegtables
Peanut butter and jelly
Pastas to include macaroni and cheese, hamburger helper, rice dishes
Pasta sauce
Bisquick and other mixes
Healthy cereals and instant oatmeal
Non food items: deodorant, soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes
Monetary donations to be used for food vouchers at Comet
Drop off items in the church garage.  Prayers are appreciated.  We want to show the community that we serve with the fruits of the spirit.  The pantry will be available to anyone in the community anytime the office is open.  We would like to staff the pantry with volunteers on Sunday evenings from 6-8 pmand Mondays from 10-2pm so the community  has contact with children of God! Anyone wanting to decorate the garage with the fruits of the spirit is welcome. It is currently being cleaned out and set up.  If you are called to give, a suggestion would be to place an item or items each week on your own grocery list or donate monetarily a set amount in your budget (even if it is a dollar...there is a box for this either in the office or at the welcome table).
Please forward this e-mail to any family or friends you feel would want to serve as well.This does not have to just be a church mission, but a community one!!!!!  A big special thank you already to those that have helped get to this point: The Council, Pastor, Laura, Jenna, Clyde,  Kay, Comet Warehouse, and God!

Comet will be monitoring the vouchers and reporting any misuse.
Thank you in advance. May God bless this ministry if it is His will.
Please address questions to Tracy Miller -

Tithing Envelopes If you are in need of tithing envelopes please see Diane Gross or call the Church Office @ 814-226-8672.

Congratulations to Dave & Hope Eggleton on the birth of their 2nd daughter, Lilyana Hope.   In honor of Lilyana, we will be having a baby shower for her & mommy on 12/7 immediately following Sunday Morning WOrship.  All ladies are invited to join us in this celebration.  Proud big sister Aribella welcomed the new little addition home.  

Employment Exposure
We are adding a space to our church blog to include:
· Employment needed
· Job opportunities
Or making your current employment known to the church family
This is an opportunity to help our church family members in need & to provide them with an opportunity to use companies & services where they know a familiar face/name & a Christian connection.  This is for attendees/members of the church.

If you are interested in posting on the blog, please e-mail your information to Tracy Miller at:

The Library has a lot if duplicate books.  If you would like to check the book truck in the Library to see if there are any you want, please help yourself.  More will be put out over the winter.

If you are interested in being in a Women's Prayer Group, there is a sign-up sheet in the Welcome Center.

Are you looking for a Ministry to be involved in?? - We are in need of men & women that would be interested in transporting elderly to appointments occassionally.  Sometimes they may need to go to Pittsburgh.  Please let the Church Office know if you would consider being on a list of names for us to call when the need arises.

Attention: Teachers, Nursery Workers & Volunteers -  If you have received your Child Abuse Clearance in the mail, please bring it to the church office ASAP.

Watch fort updates & events on the Church's or Youth Group's Facebook page -- Liberty Street Church of God Youth Group.

We are in need of additional:

1) Nursery Workers - We are so blessed with lots of babies that we need more adult help.  Please see Michelle Aites if you are interested in helping w/Sunday School Nursery or Worship Nursery.

2) SonShine Club Workers - We are being blessed with more children in our Sonshine Club Ministry!  We are asking that anyone willing to come out of retirement (teaching Sonshine Club) or looking for a new ministry (teaching Sonshine Club) , please see Hayley Jeannerat. You can call her @ 764-5390 or the church office @ 226-8672 or email her @  
If you are already on the schedule, Hayley will need to know your intentions for the upcoming year.
There are 2 groups - Younger (3yr. - Kind.) & Older (1st - 3rd gr.).  Because of age, helpers are placed with the younger group.  No need to worry about preparing a lengthy lesson.  Hayley makes a 6 month rotation schedule & currently teachers are teaching every 5 - 6 wks., but if there were more volunteers you would teach less often.  What a blessing to see children learn of our wonderful Savior. 
God Bless you all for your help and we look forward to adding  additional teachers to our schedule.  (New Teacher on board: Kalee Ferguson- Thanks Kalee for your servanthood.)

3) Welcome Center Volunteers - Please see Tammy Lerch or call 226-9680 if you are interested.

Coming Up…
December 5th & 6th - Live Nativity @ the Clarion Memorial Park from 6-8pm across from the Court House.  We need help to make this a success w/the potential to reach the lost during this holiday season.  Please consider giving a little time to be a character, help dress the characters, sing in the choir, provide child care, drive the van or just fellowship together.  We are also in need of cookie donations.  Those that are participating, we ask you to bring a covered dish to share.  Sign-ups are inthe Narthex.

December 14th - Children's Christmas Program @ 10am - under the direction of Barbi Milliron.  (pre-school through 6th grade)  We will be practicing during the second half of Sunday School & during Sunshine Club each Sunday morning through December 14th.  

December 15 - Women's Night Out Christmas Party @ 6pm - please bring a gift for your Secret Sister & if you don't have a Secret Sister then bring a $10 gift for someone.  Each lady is asked to bring a covered dish.

Pastor Angela's Message - November 2014

What a blessing it is to have been called to serve and minister to you here at Liberty Street.  I am so grateful for how each of you has made Joshua & I feel so welcome.  Matthew who’s not even here yet has been contacted and it has helped him so much!  I have no doubt Keith & Matthew will feel the same love and welcome.   Thank you for all the love! 

As you already know we have many exciting opportunities here at Liberty Street to reach a lost people.  I’ve had my first meeting with our Senior Youth.   I am so proud of these young people already.   We discussed activities that they would like to do as a group and among their many suggestions was service projects.  This tells me they already have a  vision of Christ.

It says in Matthew 20:26-28 “. . .whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave; just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and give his life a ransom for many.”  I am   excited to fulfill this calling with our teens and to lead them into a deeper relationship with the Lord.  I look forward to serving them, helping them to deepen their relationship with Christ and teaching them to serve.

On Sunday, we discussed Matthew 22:37, 39 where Jesus tells us to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind . . . love your neighbor as yourself.”  This is and will be the pinnacle of all we do.  I want to help each of our young people to grow in Christ and continue to develop a deeper relationship with Him.

In Christ,
Pastor Angela

Youth Events... mark your calendars:

Sunday, November 16         Baked Goods Auction at Thanksgiving Dinner

Friday, November 21- 23             Thirst

Sunday, December 14       Fruit Baskets

Sunday, December 21   Progressive Dinner

Nursery & Sonshine Club - November 2014


November  2 - Laura Burford, Beth Grenci & Judy Garri        
November  9 - Andrew & Jill Henry & Renee Bakewell           
November 16 - Anna Kriebel, Mindy Bish & Maya Thornton   
November 23 - Kalee Ferguson, Vicki Quinter & Hope Eggleton 
November 30 - Judy Garris, Brenda Smith & Jayna Bates

Sonshine Club

November 2 - Barbi & Frances Milliron & Patti Miller                            
November 9 - Kim & Kylee Callander & Hayley Jeannerat                    
November 16 - Kalee Ferguson, Michaela Callander & Tammy Lerch      
November 23 - Keleigh Schimp, Maya Thornton & Hayley Jeannerat      
November 30 - Jill Henry, Maci Thornton & Patti Miller

Birthdays & Anniversaries - November 2014


November 3 - Sandra Ferguson
November 4 - Caleb Wilson, Marty Ferguson, Denny Wingard, Jamie Preston
November 6 - Roxanne Kahle
November 8 - Byron Collier, Penny Kriebel, Don Barger
November 10 - Luke McCall, Jim Milliron
November 12 - Travis Aites, Roberta Gates
November 14 - Jacqueline Morrone
November 15 - Kevin Kellogg
November 16 - Michelle Aites
November 18 - Melanie Finotti
November 19 - Tiffiny Edmonds, Megan Hartle, John Mark Henry
November 20 - Ginny Kopko
November 22 - Brian Manville
November 23 - Olivia Bish
November 24 - Don Cloak
November 25 - Ken Smith
November 26 - John Rupert
November 27 - Judy Wilson, Lily Preston
November 29 - Isaac Lerch


November 12 - Jim & Dawn Christie
November 25 - Jim & Penny Kriebel

Pastor's Message - November 2014

Dear Friends,

When you read these latest ramblings of mine I, along with several others will be in Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic. Soaking up the sun, but working however. I will struggle with the issue of what we have verses what the Dominicans and Haitians do not have. I think it is an age old struggle. I would like to think that we are a blessed people, but I think all too often we equate our material possessions as blessing. More about that later.

I want to thank all of you who has given us cards and gifts for Pastor Appreciation. You are a great blessing to Judy and I and our family and we are privileged to serve you here in Clarion.

I want to also say how grateful I am to have Pastor Angela and her family here with us. She is already in the trenches and I look forward to great things happening in the life of our Church Family.

I shared something with you on Sunday, October 19 that went like this, “When religion has said its last word, there is little that we need other than God Himself. The evil habit of seeking God-and effectively prevents us from finding God in full revelation. In the “and” lies our great woe. If we omit the “and” we shall soon find God, and in Him we shall find that for which we have all our lives been secretly longing.  (A.W. Tozer, “The Pursuit of God”) I have been pondering this thought in my own life and have been challenged by it. I have always wanted to be the person God wants me to be and I know that many times I fail when it is me “and”. I know it is difficult for us to take out the “and”. We are bombarded with life in the fast lane so to speak. I used to think that life in the fast lane was reserved for only certain people, but I believe that almost everyone fits into that category now days. We are stuck on living life and that translates into, our family life and our children and their activities, our jobs, our leisure, our hobbies and so on and so forth. Before and after the sermon that I preached on Exodus 33:18 when Moses said, “Lord, show me Your glory” I have had to do some of my own soul searching. I know that in the business of doing ministry, I don’t take the time to seek to see the glory of God. I keep telling God that I am going to be more disciplined and be better at time management, but in reality, I don’t make the changes necessary to be where I believe God wants me to be spiritually. Will you pray for me? I want to make a commitment to God that I will be in His word more and more and that when I get back from the DR that I will indeed do better.

Finally, please continue to pray, support and labor for the Kingdom of God here in our sphere of influence where God has us. The work is important, your support is important and us laboring together in unity is important. In fact, without God none of what we done amounts to anything. Just remember, “Rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man.” (Ephesians 6:7 ESV)

Let’s keep plowing the fertile fields of Clarion!

Pastor Bruce