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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Prayer Concerns - July 2014

Most Recent Concerns

7/20 - Nick and Tiffany Wilson - are picking up the baby girl in Sharon, PA today
7/18 - the 13 year old girl (daughter of Jerry & Melissa McCloskey) w/cancer has passed away - please be in prayer for this family - the mother Melissa is fighting cancer also
7/18 - Pastor & Judy's son Nick & wife Tiffany received word today that the baby girl was born yesterday - if all goes well, they may have the baby by Sunday.
7/18 - Also, Janis Cicero had surgery on her eyes today in Pittsburgh & is doing well
7/17 - Blood tests show that Karson is missing  chromosome 12 – very rare; both parents & Keira will have to be tested & it is a long drawn out process - little is known about this - pray for God’s hand on the situation
7/12 - Terry Aites - did not have the kidney transplant last night - he is home - please pray for him & his family 
7/12 - Nancy Yates - is in Jefferson Manor in Brookville & doing well 
7/12 - Nick & Tiffany Wilson -  are in the waiting stages for their baby - the delivery due date was yesterday - as soon as we know anything we will let you know
7/11 - Cynthia Copenhaver 56 (sister in law to Doreen Stiglitz) - is in need of prayer for heart problems
7/11 - Ame Pentz requests prayer for a little 3 yr. old girl named Claire @ my sister in law's daycare in the Meadville area - her mom was mowing on a tractor last night & accidentally backed over her - she had emergency surgery & will have another - her legs got tore up pretty badly, but thankfully the tractor stalled, or she may not be here at all - also, prayers for her mom
7/11 - Terry is heading down to Pittsburgh for a possible (hopefully) a kidney transplant - remember Deb & Emily and the Aites family
7/10 - Pastor & Judy's oldest son Nick (and his wife Tiffany) have been waiting for what seems to be a long time to adopt a baby - they received a call today & may possibly have a baby in the next few days - they are hopeful & asking for prayers - as you know this is a roller coaster ride
7/4 - Nancy Yates - is doing well after her by-pass surgery & has been eating/responding great
7/2 - Nancy Yates is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning - we will keep you posted as the information comes
6/28 - Nancy Yates - having a heart cath in Pittsburgh on Monday @ 10am
6/28 - Beth Grency -  came home today from MaGee Hospital, but needs our continued prayer
6/25 - Jim Moelk (Brent & Pat Longs Brother in Law) - is having surgery Friday morning
6/24 - Diane Conner -  is home from the hospital & feeling good - thanks everyone for all their prayers
6/24 - Dixie Wentling (Nancy Jeannerat 's sister) - is having surgery on her wrist at 9 am today in Wexford 
6/21 - Audrey Torres - was in a bicycle accident last night & was flown to Pittsburgh - she also attended our VBS


Prayer Concerns
Burden for the Lost - Our Government & Leaders (local, state, national) -  Donna Oberlander (State Rep) - President of the U.S.    Spiritual Growth for our church family  - The Unsaved - Pastor Bruce & Family - Our Community - Other Churches in our Community - Our Military - Our College Students - Unspoken - Construction workers & Delta Contractors @ Trinity Point - Building the Trinity Point Facility
Terry Aites (waiting for kidney transplant) - Arianna Evans - Phyllis Traister - DuWayne & Thelma Miller - Jon Fye (Dawn Christie's brother) - Melissa McCloskey (cancer) - Jack Hiles - Dave & Debbie Jordan - Clarence & Shirley Evans - Jessica Henry (MS & Chemo treatments) - Janet Young - Don Barger - Mike Roach (cancer Pastor & Judy's brother-in-law) - Nancy Yates - Sharlene Wingard - Pat Radaker (fell) - Vonnie Tiley - Tom Buzard (cancer/Park Hill Congregation) - Jean Johns - Leonel (Dominican) Village 51 (Dominican) - Persecuted Christians

Bill & Lois Brandenstein

Missions and Outreach
Whitehall Camp & Conference Center  - AAA Life Services - WPA Ministries of the COG - COG Ministries Anderson, IND - Food For Friends - Koinonia (CUP campus) - Alyssa Cooper Sande (Africa) - Jessica Wilson (Dominican Republic) - Clarion Ministerium - Rebecca New-Edson (WPA COG Ministries Dir.) - Rev. Jim Lyon (Gen. Director Elect)

Nursing/Personal Care Home/Rehab Patients
Edna Burford - Golden Living Shippenville
Pearl Manross - Golden Living Shippenville
Mary McGonagel - Golden Living Shippenville
Janet Young - Golden Living Shippenville - Room 112 or call cell 221 - 2384
Loretta Wedekind - Golden Living Clarion
Sue Foust - Laurel Brook Brookville
Alice Ferguson - Laurel Brook Brookville

Ministries & Leaders of Our Congregation
Children & Youth Ministries - Our Boards & Committees - Sunday School - Sunday Worship Services - Pastor Bruce & Gamily - Church Staff - Women's Ministries

Monthly Planner - July 2014

1 - 
2 - Youth IYC Lock-In
3 - Youth IYC leaving @ 9am  - Pastor & Judy are Counselors
4 - Independence Day - Office Closed - Youth IYC
5 - Youth IYC
6 - SSchool @ 9am - Worship @ 10am w/Sam Wilson - Youth IYC
7 - Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm - Youth IYC
8 - Play Group @ 10am - Business Mtng. @ 7pm - Youth IYC
9 - Youth IYC & Counselors.... home
10 - C.E. Mtng. @ 6pm - Growth Mtng. @ 7pm
11 -
12 -
13 - SSchool @ 9am - Worship @ 10am - No Youth tonight
14 - Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm - Nominating Committee Mtng. @ 7pm
15 - Play Group @ 10am - Council Mtng. @ 7pm
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 - 3rd Annual Golf Scramble @ 9am
20 - SSchool @ 9am - Worship @ 10am
21 - Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm - Tammy on Vacation
22 - Play Group @ 10am
23 -
24 - 
25 - Burnside Camp Meeting
26 -
27 - SSchool @ 9am - Worship @ 10am
28 - Weight Watchers @ 4:30pm
29 - Play Group @ 10am
30 -
31 -
August 1 - Big Daddy Weave Concert @ Whitehall
2 - WPA/Whitehall Camp Meeting begins

Pastor's Message - July 2014

Dear Friends,

Over the last several years I have come to realize that the more I learn about Scripture, the more I do not know, and it seems to be like a dog chasing its tail, the dog never gets ahold of it. I am realizing the terminology, "life-long learning."

I am more aware now than ever that words are important. The words we say and also the words we read.  Especially the words in Scripture. I sometimes ponder a word in a sentence from a verse of Scripture for days. I hope that is part of the learning process and I also hope that it benefits you too. 

These past couple of years I have been teaching at the Lane Bible College at Transfer, PA.  Not a prestigious place, not many students there, but it is a great place of higher learning.  In fact, the reason I have been teaching is so I will stretch my learning & understanding of the Scripture.  Again, I hope that this is beneficial for all of you.

I say that to say this; no matter how old we get, no matter how mature, there is always still more to learn. For example, we are learning more and more about several aspects of building this new facility. Many of those things we are able to share with you, now that we are in the thick of things and we’ve learned things we did not know before.  There have been costs, for example, that were unknown in the beginning of the project such as the building permit, water and electrical entrances. Although we knew those things were needed, there was no cost assigned to them until we actually had to purchase them. We learned that there are government regulations that are, at times, making these kinds of projects much more difficult and more and more of  these regulations are being added it seems almost weekly, and in turn there is generally a cost attached to the regulations.

I am learning through this process, that it’s easy to look back and think that maybe we should have not ever started the project. It’s too hard and there are too many obstacles. That would obviously play right into Satan’s hand, he likes to cause us to doubt. By the way, this is where the word faith would come in, and probably the words commitment, consecration, sanctification and many more words that you and I could name. 

As I am writing this article for this newsletter something occurred to me that I need to share with you. It occurred to me on this day, 25 June 2014 at about 1:30PM. 

I have been, or at least been having the perception of feeling the weight of ministry, the weight of this building project, the weight of being the one to be the cheerleader, so to speak, for this project, feeling the weight of seeing us raise the money to pay for this facility, and on and on the list goes. 

Notice I used the word perception. Perception is, according to Merriam Webster: 1) the way you think about or understand someone or something, 2) the ability to understand or notice something easily, 3) the way that you notice or understand something using one of your senses.

I am referring to definition number 1) the way you think about or understand someone or something. The way we think about or understand someone or something doesn’t necessarily make it reality.  We can perceive a particular situation or person and have those thoughts in our minds and they may not be reality. What I am saying is that even though I perceive the weight of the world sometimes, the truth is God is carrying the weight of the world and it is our responsibility to have faith in him, trust him, be consecrated to Him, allow His Spirit to sanctify us and let Him carry the weight of the world on His shoulders. Amen? 

Even as I am thinking about what looks to be obstacles, and the perceived uphill journey for our congregation in the next several years with regard to the new facility, there are other things that I am reminded of that are reality and that are of far greater concern.  PEOPLE!!  And their lives. There are some, as we speak, June 25, 2014 @ 5:04PM that are dealing with difficulties of this life and are living daily with great discouragement and other great obstacles that they are trying to overcome.  The list goes on and on.  I am literally heart sick about those whose spiritual lives are tittering on the brink of falling away from God.  And they are in our midst!  In fact, Judy & I spend sleepless nights with concern.  There are some in our midst that need our fervent prayers of intercession because of broken relationships and marital break-ups, sickness and life-threatening illnesses.  The list can go on and on, just look at our prayer sheet in the bulletin. There are some that think God has let them down, there are some that think that God is not concerned about them, and there are some that are thinking God should deliver them from the difficult circumstances.

Also, in spite of all those circumstances that I just mentioned, it concerns me greatly that we do need to carry out the mission that God has placed on our hearts and that we need to be consecrated toward that end, for the Kingdom. Our purpose it to IMPACT PEOPLE FOR CHRIST!

When the Israelites were preparing to cross over into the Promised Land, Joshua said, “… the people, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you" (Joshua 3:5 ESV). The word consecrate means to be set apart. In other words God was telling the Israelites, “Set yourselves apart for me, love me with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.” I never realized this until just now, before God was willing to do wonders among them, they needed to be set apart. What does that tell us about how God works through us? It tells us that we need to be set apart for His use, to be His, completely, to be sold out to a love relationship with Him. That means that His will is our purpose for the life that we live
here on earth. No sacrifice is too great for us because no sacrifice was too great for Him, He sacrificed His One and only Son. It means that whatever sacrifice God asks or better yet, commands us to make in our lives, we will do it for Him and the work of the Kingdom.

Here is my question, “Are we indeed consecrated to God?” Are we, without a doubt, set apart for God?  Not just for building a building, although that is certainly important now in the life of our congregation, but to be set apart to God so we can pray for one another, minister to one another and to be focused on the love that God has for us, which is unconditional and to express that love to those who do not know God’s love for them so we can introduce them to Jesus.

I hope and pray that we will continue on our journey together in unity and love, and that building the new facility will only enhance and encourage the work that we are doing . “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.  There is one body and one Spirit--just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call--one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all."  (Ephesians 4:1-6 ESV)

As I have given you a glimpse of what goes through my mind and how God is speaking to me at this particular time with respect to how words are important, please read the Scripture with this thought in mind.

God bless you all as we labor on.
Pastor Bruce

Attendance - 2014

July 6 - Sunday School - 55 and WOrship - 148

June 29 - Sunday School -     Worship - 
June 22 - Sunday School - 85  and  Worship - 229
June 15 - Sunday School - 82   and   Worship - 208
June 8 - Sunday School - 69  and   Worship - 218
June 1 - Sunday School - 78   and  Worship - 207

May 25 - Sunday School -       and Worship - 
May 18 - Sunday School - 77  and  Worship - 201
May 11 - Sunday School - 79  and  Worship - 234

April 13 - Sunday School - 95   and   Worship - 248

March 30 - Sunday School - 82   and  Worship - 200

February 16 - Sunday School - 80   and Worship - 184
February 9 - Sunday School - 90   and Worship - 182
February 2 - Sunday School - 79  and Worship - 234

January 26 - Sunday School - 47 and Worship - 122
January 19 - Sunday School - 87 and Worship - 190
January 12 - Sunday School - 83 and Worship - 216

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bulletin Announcements - July 2104

If you are new to Liberty Street C.O. G. (in your mailbox is a blue sheet with needed family information). Please place these in the secretary's mailbox.  The church mailboxes are located in the Narthex & arranged alphabetically.  Please check your mailboxes for information we may have placed in there.  If you are unsure if you have a mailbox, or you do not have a mailbox & want one, call Tammy @ 814 - 226 - 8672. You are important to us & we need to keep you updated on all activities!

For all that have a computer... go to the Church Blog for your July Newsletter. You can find us @  Subscribe to the church blog, & all posts/updates will be delivered right to your email address Inbox.
Also, we have Sunday School classes for all ages.  Nursery , Preschool, K-2nd, 3rd - 5th, Jr. Youth, Sr. Youth & 3 Adult classes... check us out today!

We are offering a "Live Worship Telecast" in the Fellowship Hall to help accommodate the seating needs of our growing church!  Praise the Lord!  Anyone is welcome to check it out & share in this new Worship extension.   With video recording of the service in this way, we will also be able to improve our outreach to our shut-ins by giving them our worship on DVD. Finally, if you are absent from church on Sunday & would like a copy of any of our Sunday morning sermons, please call the church office. We would be happy to send you one. 

WWCH Channel 1300 on AM Broadcasting @ 11AM every Sunday...  The first Sunday of every month a pre-recorded service from Liberty Street Church of God with Pastor Bruce will be heard.  If you are unable to attend church on any Sunday morning, tune in to AM 1300.

WEATHER CANCELLATION - if we have bad weather or if it is calling for bad weather, please go to radio station WCCR 1300 AM for church cancellations.  We will also put out cancellations by email.

Group Activities:
Jr. Youth Group (4- 6th grade)... Sunday nights @ 6PM
Ladies Nite Out - 4th Tuesday of the month from 6-8PM
Men’s Group - every Monday night @ Joe's Gym (ended April/restarts in the Fall)
Parent's Night Out - 3rd Friday of the month from 6 - 10PM (ends in May/restarts Fall)
Youth Group (7-12th grade)... Sunday night @ 6PM

Fellowship Opportunities  & July Special Events 
Be sure to check your email & the Church Blog!!

Youth Camps
3 - 5th Grades -- June 29 - July 3
Your cost is a $25 Registration Fee to the Church if you attend LSCofG.  LSCofG will pay the remaining amount of your camp cost.  All registrations, health forms, & the $25 Registration Fee need to be into the Church by May 8th.

General Announcements:

Adult Sunday School Classes -  
Prayer Room - Beth Henry - The Book of Moses Study
Kitchen area - Mike Bailey - Study on Corinthians
Homebuilders - Matt & Jenny Bates - Parenting - Creating an atmosphere of Biblical Growth in your home
Education Wind (1st room of the left) - Jacqueline Marrone & Joe Ferguson - Study on the Old Testament II Samuel

Homebuilders—Summer 2014
Parenting by the Book:  Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your Child  By John Rosemond
Parenting today is hard.  Where do we find answers to help us with our problems in parenting?  There are  nearly 50,000 books on parenting in print today.  Of those 50,000 books, how do we know which ones will help us be the best parents we can be? 
Nationally syndicated columnist John Rosemond argues that many of the problems modern parents have today are due to the fact that we have strayed from a shared sense of truth – the truth that is only found in the       Bible.  We have complicated parenting, while the Bible simplifies it.
Do you feel like you need help as a parent?  Are there questions you have and you wonder if you’re doing the right thing?  Come join the Homebuilders class this summer and learn that ALL OF US struggle as parents and are trying to do the right things in raising our kids.  What a blessing it is to have a group of people working this out together, with the Word of God as our guide!  Please join us.  
For more information or if you’d like us to order you a book, please call Matt & Jenny Bates at 814-764-6056.  

If you want to send Pastor Wilson’s Mom a get well wish (she is in re-hab after breaking her hip).  The address is:
Scottsdale Manor                                     
Mayme Wilson                                           
Room #20 900 Porter Ave. 
Scottsdale, Pa. 15683

Ph. # 724-887-0100

July 19th - Golfers Wanted...
If you want to play in the 3rd Annual Golf Scramble to benefit our Youth see Dave Martin. Information is on the bulletin board.  We need your registration ASAP!

We Need Volunteers...
Anyone interested in helping to mow @ the Trinity Point property, please contact Clyde Bish @ 226 - 7702 or 229 - 0664.

Tithing Envelopes If you are in need of tithing envelopes please see Diane Gross or call the Church Office @ 814-226-8672.

How to go Online to see the Church Directory....
To see the Church Directory online you have to go through this blog because the directory is a PDF file. Click on the link   To obtain the password, please contact the Church Office.  Once you enter the Church Directory, you can open the PDF file for viewing.  You may also load a free App for your smartphone.  In the App Store... search  instantchurchdirectory & follow the instructions to download.  If you wish to have a printed hard copy, contact Tammy in the Church Office @ 226 - 8672. There are also some available in the Welcome Center. This is an ongoing process as we add new families weekly.  Please let us know of any updates or corrections.

Employment Exposure
We are adding a space to our church blog to include:
· Employment needed
· Job opportunities
Or making your current employment known to the church family
This is an opportunity to help our church family members in need & to provide them with an opportunity to use companies & services where they know a familiar face/name & a Christian connection.  This is for attendees/members of the church.

If you are interested in posting on the blog, please e-mail your information to Tracy Miller at:

The Library has a lot if duplicate books.  If you would like to check the book truck in the Library to see if there are any you want, please help yourself.  More will be put out over the winter.

If you are interested in being in a Women's Prayer Group, there is a sign-up sheet in the Welcome Center.

Are you looking for a Ministry to be involved in?? - We are in need of men & women that would be interested in transporting elderly to appointments occassionally.  Sometimes they may need to go to Pittsburgh.  Please let the Church Office know if you would consider being on a list of names for us to call when the need arises.

Attention: Teachers, Nursery Workers & Volunteers -  If you have received your Child Abuse Clearance in the mail, please bring it to the church office ASAP.

Watch fort updates & events on the Church's or Youth Group's Facebook page -- Liberty Street Church of God Youth Group.

We are in need of additional:

1) Nursery Workers - We are so blessed with lots of babies that we need more adult help.  Please see Michelle Aites if you are interested in helping w/Sunday School Nursery or Worship Nursery.

2) SonShine Club Workers - We are being blessed with more children in our Sonshine Club Ministry!  We are asking that anyone willing to come out of retirement (teaching Sonshine Club) or looking for a new ministry (teaching Sonshine Club) , please see Hayley Jeannerat. You can call her @ 764-5390 or the church office @ 226-8672 or email her @  
If you are already on the schedule, Hayley will need to know your intentions for the upcoming year.
There are 2 groups - Younger (3yr. - Kind.) & Older (1st - 3rd gr.).  Because of age, helpers are placed with the younger group.  No need to worry about preparing a lengthy lesson.  Hayley makes a 6 month rotation schedule & currently teachers are teaching every 5 - 6 wks., but if there were more volunteers you would teach less often.  What a blessing to see children learn of our wonderful Savior. 
God Bless you all for your help and we look forward to adding  additional teachers to our schedule.  (New Teacher on board: Kalee Ferguson- Thanks Kalee for your servanthood.)

3) Welcome Center Volunteers - Please see Tammy Lerch or call 226-9680 if you are interested.

Coming Up…
August 1st - Big Daddy Weave Concert @ Whitehall Camp & Conference Center - tickets now available online.  You may also link to the website from or  Who is "Big Daddy Weave"?  Google & listen & we are sure you will enjoy the music!

Whitehall WPA Camp Meeting  -----  August 2-10
Guest Speaker: Pastor Gerald Rudd  - First Church of God - Greenville, TN 
Worship Leader: Pastor Todd Braschler - Founder of Todd Braschler Ministries
Weird Animals - Where Jesus’ Love is One of a Kind by Group Publishers 
 WPA Whitehall Camp Meeting welcomes all children to this year’s KIDS KORNER! 
 Where: Whitehall Camp When: August 4-8 Time: 9-12 Who: 4 yrs thru grade 6

 Register online or call Whitehall @ 724-867-9601 

Burnside Camp Meeting --- Camp Meeting July 25– August 1

Schedule for 2014
July 30– cleaning day @ the Missionary cottage.  Bring your own lunch.

August 1– Missionary cottage open 10am-4:30pm.

August 2Saturday, Prayer 10:00am
TuesdayWednesday & Thursday-Conferences @ 1pm with Nancy Roudybush.

Prayer Breakfast @ Nickleville

Wednesday Evening– Pie & Icecream Social until 10:30 pm.

Friday, August 8-Memorial Tea & Business Mtg.  All ladies are invited to this meeting.  It will be in the Friendship room @ 1pm.  Bring your favorite tea cup.

Mission Trip to Jamaica 2014
It’s time to start planning for Jamaica!   If you would like an opportunity to serve God on the mission field and are ready for a life-changing adventure, we invite you on a one-week mission trip to Harmons, Jamaica.  We’re working with an organization called Won by One to Jamaica to plan a trip for our church August 10-17, 2014.  Anyone age 13 and over is welcome.
Harmons is a small mountain village of 3,000 people in south central Jamaica.  It’s an impoverished community with around 75% unemployment.  Quality medical treatment is lacking and money for basic needs is limited.  One practical objective of our trip will be to help alleviate some of the physical hardships the citizens of Harmons experience every day.
Our jobs there may include tasks such as:
*constructing houses
*carrying marl (basic ingredient for making concrete) 
*helping at “Blessings In Store,” a second-hand store created by the Won by One ministry, now run by local Jamaicans
*repairing homes
*assisting school teachers
Now is the time to make a commitment to going on the trip.  If you are interested, please see Matt & Jenny Bates at the table in the church foyer.  A $100 per person deposit will be required to secure your spot.  Each team member must raise an additional $1,350 to cover trip expenses (airfare, ground transportation, meals/accommodations, etc.)  Passport not included.  The deposit will be due September 15.  If you have questions, contact Matt & Jenny Bates at 814-764-6056 or at -

Nursery & Sonshine Club - July 2014 Schedule

7/6 - Heather Preston, Mary Reed & Matti Thonton 
7/13 - Laura Burford, Beth Grenci & Pat Long 
7/20 - Andrew & Jill Henry & Renee Bakewell 
7/27 - Kalee Ferguson, Vicki Quinter & Hope Eggleton 

Sonshine Club
7/6 - Hayley Jeannerat, Maya Thornton, Kim & Kylee Callander 
7/13 - KeLeigh Schimp, Matti Thornton & Kelly Burford 
7/20 - Jamie Emings, Kylee Callander & Lisa Buchwitz 
7/27 - Jill Henry, Jayna Bates & Tammy Lerch

Youth News - Nashville Bound


The Youth will be leaving for the International Convention this 
month in Nashville, TN. 
We will be having a lock-in on Tuesday, July 2nd
 here at the church 
starting at 9:00 p.m. with the youth from the Brookville Church that 
will be going with us. This is a great time of bonding with those 
that we will be traveling with. 

The parents will be preparing and serving breakfast for the youth 
Thursday, July 3rd
 and we will board the bus at 9:00 am to leave. 
We will be stopping at Kings Island Resort and staying the night, 
getting up and headed to Nashville for the convention. 

While there we will be attending conference and Services on being 
“In Tune” reference Galatians 5:25. 

We will be stopping at the Creation Museum on our return trip. 
Please be praying for not only our youth that will be attending but 
also, for all that will be present there. 

We know that this is a fun and exciting time for our youth, but also 
a great opportunity for spiritual growth for each one of them. 
We want to thank you, our church family for all of you support in 
making this possible.